A wee update from the crew


Wee update: As the result of some freak storms, John (skipper) Ford has done his ACL, not that bad but his knee is swollen and it's hampering leg drive on the oars.

Colin has done his shoulder (rotator cuff), John Adams is suffering from the pre-race car crash and Derek being (the veteran) can’t produce any additional power. Therefore the fast finish we were planning to unleash a few days ago has not materialised.

We also lost an oar in a particularly big double wave hit. The oar was the one sponsored by The Guards Hotel in Haymarket Edinburgh. Iain Dalzel-Job, the hotel's owner & son of Patrick Dalzel-Job, who inspired James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, will obviously be presented with another oar in return.

The wind and waves has helped us along for the last few days but hat wind is about to stop. However, with a supplement of painkillers into the daily diet, we still plan to push as hard as possible to the finish. 🚣‍♀️

Apart from that, morale is good and everyone is looking forward to dry land, decent food a beer and seeing our families (in that order🤣)

Although we are suffering, it is certainly not as much as those whom ther Scots Guards Charity supports and this in itself drives us on.

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