Dress Rehearsal

Sixty one days before the start of the 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge!

We had our final training row over the weekend. We treated it as a bit of a Dress Rehearsal – testing out all of our equipment and our drills. We went out on Friday afternoon and stayed out on the North Sea and the River Crouch until Tuesday morning. It was a tough few days. We caught the tail end of Hurricane Lorenzo – so we got a fair bit of wind and rain. But we all coped and the boat performed well. It rolls around a bit in the heavy seas but none of us were seasick, although I’m sure we haven’t really been tested in that department yet! There was some nice weather as well.

We have all of our equipment now and we are packing it onto the boat. I’m not sure where it is all going to fit!

Our fundraising continues. We are still looking for sponsors – so if you know of a company who may be interested in having their brand attached to our campaign, then please let me know. It is a very deserving charity – the support of our Veterans is the duty of all of us.

We are taking the boat on the road again over the next few weeks to generate further interest and sponsorship. In between times, we are having the boat “wrapped”; having some final tweaks made by Rannoch; and ensuring we have everything on board for shipping to La Gomera – the start line – on 2 November. As far as shipping is concerned, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of a friend of the campaign who has offered to pay for the shipping to La Gomera and back from Antigua. This is a significant expense and we are indebted to their generosity.

There still seems like an awful lot to do – it will be a relief to get to the start line.