The Atlantic Guardsman on the road

There are 135 days to go before the race start. There seems like an awful lot to do before then!

The Atlantic Guardsman has been on the road to generate Sponsorship and Interest. We had her at The Edinburgh Car show and the Edinburgh and Sunderland Air-shows recently where she was admired by a large number of people. Our campaign received significant radio, TV and press coverage and we are hoping this will assist fundraising and sponsorship. The BBC ran a story on us and Spark FM are planning to run an ongoing story leading up to, and following the race.

In terms of the race preparation itself, we are broadly on track. Getting time on the water is key. Not so much for the rowing, more for learning about the boat and practicing moving around and living on the boat. Four blokes in a confined space is a real challenge! The boat will get shipped to La Gomera in the Canaries Islands in November. We say goodbye to her on November 2nd. We fly down to La Gomera on 30th November where she will be waiting for us. The race starts on 11th December.

All the equipment we need is slowly filling the boat – she needs to be all packed and ready to go by the 2nd of November. Already, the food stores are filling up. We have to take enough food for sixty days, although we are aiming for a crossing of something less than forty. We all need medical check-ups (and before you ask, no, that doesn’t include a sanity check) so these are underway.

We have also launched a “Buy a Mile” programme which you can access from the menu at the top of the page. For £25 you can choose a mile and we will give you a special shout out when we row that mile. If something unusual happens while we are rowing your mile (we see a whale for example) then we’ll send you a prize on our return!